We support our business partners and customers with world-class expertise and offer active and value-enhancing asset management at both national and international levels.

From erecting new buildings to renewal projects, from modernization projects to expansion, we, METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye, offer our customers various turnkey solutions for retail spaces.

Starting from the paper version of the project we focus on seeing its entirety and final result, and we compose the most spot-on process strategy in the light of the project facts particularly.

A Value-Enhancing Asset Management

Real estate investment requires broad experience, competence and know-how to overcome every challenge, eliminate every obstacle, grasp every opportunity. Having the strength and support of being a multinational entity, METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye offers asset management services that adding value to investments.


Building the future

A successful and strong management board evaluates from an innovative and analytical perspective with its accrued experience, and makes the most accurate moves by analysing the probabilities and the future.

Management Board

Our Experts – The Guarantors Of Our Success

With our experienced and trained staff, our divisions are capable of offering expertise in all areas for our clients in every level who need support for their retail investments.


The Values Bringing Success

Focusing on authentic leadership and setting sustainability as its main goal, METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye is a company that adopts customer focus, global entrepreneurship, respecting to and believing in employees, and excellence in all business processes. All these values lie at the heart of METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye’s success.

Our Values

We Keep You Informed

Be part of our story – as METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye, we share news about our projects, our precious awards and success stories with you.


Human Resources

Human Resources experts assist the managers with all HR- and organization-related aspects of strategy implementation and day-to-day business operations. HR Experts execute HR related processes and provide consultancy services for various divisions, for example on the topics of remuneration and benefits, employee survey, performance appraisals, training and development, and health and safety topics.


Visionary And Solution Oriented

Undoubtedly, METRO AG is one of the most visionary companies in today's food industry. With its sales volume of billions of Euros and strong solution partners METRO AG is gaining success one after other..


Investment Developing Nationally And Internationally

METRO PROPERTIES supports investments in the real estate sector with its expert support and enhances the impact of projects both nationally and internationally.