Our employees form a unique team. Inspiring. Open. Friendly. Self-assured. Progressive. These are the characteristics that describe the values we embody, who we are and how we work together every day. We always think one step ahead. We are constantly looking for new challenges. This is how we create the conditions for innovation and generate added value for our customers.

We Follow Clear Principles

  • Commitment to employee happiness

    We are proud of the fact that our employees display excellent levels of commitment and are enthusiastic about us as an employer. We regularly ask our staff how happy they are with their company. We use their responses to develop ideas for further improvements to our working environment.

  • Equal opportunities

    METRO believes in an open corporate culture. We accept people as they are and assess staff and job applicants purely on their talent, skills and potential – regardless of criteria such as gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disability.

  • Promoting and embedding an awareness of sustainability

    Motivated and committed employees are crucial to our business success, so we create an attractive, fair and safe working environment. We promote diversity, individuality and personal responsibility within our workforce. We facilitate our employees’ personal and professional development, and we motivate them to be creative and innovative. We enable our members of staff to breathe life into METRO and its principles. That also means acting responsibly, thinking ahead and developing sustainable solutions. METRO systematically integrates the issue of sustainability into its staff development programmes, seminars and training courses.

  • Fair working conditions

    The commitment to fair working conditions and social partnership has been part of our corporate philosophy since 2004. Principles on Fair Working Conditions & Social Partnership

    • Internal review on our principles on Fair Working Conditions and Social Partnership

      METRO fulfils its duty of care. We want to uphold our principles of fair working conditions across the board. An audit process is designed to ensure that the company is not involved in violating human rights, either directly or indirectly. We aim to have audited all organisations around the world by 2020. Our objective is to identify any weaknesses and develop countermeasures.

    • UNI Global Union

      In 2014, METRO signed an agreement with UNI Global Union, in which METRO reaffirms its commitment to upholding the key labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). UNI Global Union

  • Healthy employees – healthy workplace

    METRO is dedicated to ensuring that its employees stay healthy, productive and motivated over the long term. We define clear guidelines and processes. We create a healthy, safe working environment for our employees and contractual partners. We also want to further reduce accidents and work-related illnesses. METRO is working hard to take its occupational safety management to the next level, in close collaboration with its occupational safety and health officers.

  • Inclusion and Diversity - Our vision for METRO

    METRO is a people business. Diversity is core to our company's principles and a success driver to uncover new business opportunities. We strive for a diverse and inclusive environment, to reflect our customer variety and to make full use of all out talents. Our diversity makes us strong. Inclusion and diversity are priorities for the new METRO. We promote an open work culture. We are creating an integrative working environment. We respect and value individual differences. Our aim: to foster our diverse workforce. Worldwide, 169 different nations are represented among our employees, including 127 in Germany alone. We seek to ensure equal opportunity. We want each individual to be able to freely develop his or her potential.

METRO PROPERTIES offers a variety of entry-level and career advancement opportunities - for career starters, young professionals and executives. You can find the latest vacancies on the METRO Job Board

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