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Website Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

METRO PROPERTIES Gayrimenkul Yatırım ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (henceforth "METRO PROPERTIES") strives to provide an environment that enables you to spend your time on the internet in a safe and secure manner.

User Data Collection

METRO PROPERTIES automatically collects information such as sections visited and links clicked during time spent on the website. This data is used solely for the purposes of calculating the various rates of viewing and following of the different sections and areas of the website.

From time to time, these results may be used with the aim of informing our users of subjects, contents, services and projects which we think may be of interest to them. The usage and encryption of this data is limited to METRO PROPERTIES, and its distribution to you is also limited to METRO PROPERTIES alone.

Those who benefit from our services are assumed to have read and accepted these conditions. METRO PROPERTIES reserves the right to change without notice the above statements.

The “METRO PROPERTIES website” or “the website” refers to the main site and all subsidiary sites belonging to METRO PROPERTIES GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ.

Please read the following conditions of use before using the website of METRO PROPERTIES GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ and all websites connected to this company. For some of our subsidiary websites additional conditions of use are valid in addition to the general conditions of use.

Website Terms of Use

METRO PROPERTIES GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM ANONİM ŞİRKETİ and / or the website (“Website”) of METRO PROPERTIES Gayrimenkul Yatırım ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, the creators of any content on the website, its employees, or any persons and organizations authorized by METRO PROPERTIES bear no legal or criminal responsibility pertaining to claims of any kind of material or moral damage which may originate from your failure to act in accordance with the following conditions, whether you have read them or not.

METRO PROPERTIES bear no legal, criminal and/or personal responsibility for any writing, comments, news, or images published on the Website by those who visit the Website, those who participate in the commentary forums, companies who act as sponsors or advertisers, or for usage of the METRO PROPERTIES logo, or the links on the homepage or subpages on other websites, including any information or comments gathered via the usage of any type of content uploaded and published on METRO PROPERTIES servers, or any content whatsoever for which it does not necessarily bear direct responsibility and authority in accordance with conventional usage of the internet, and visitors to this Website hereby accept and declare the above to be the case from the moment they enter the website.

METRO PROPERTIES have the right to unilaterally change and update these provisions and conditions without notice should they so wish.

That the information, in statistical figures and value, on this website was acquired and gathered from sources whose trustworthiness is accepted within the framework of general practice, and its accuracy and sufficiency is not guaranteed by METRO PROPERTIES. METRO PROPERTIES has no legal or criminal responsibility for direct or indirect financial and / or moral negative and / or positive damage and possible other damage or costs which may result from the use of the information, evaluation, comment or statistical figures or values on this website.

In the event of any misunderstanding, claim or request in regard to the assumption that you have read and accepted the above notification and statements before entering the website, that these passages found written on the Website and all other computer records belonging to METRO PROPERTIES will be presented to the authorized persons of the Directorate of Execution and Istanbul Courts as according to article 193 of the Code of Civil Proceedings as the sole and true exclusive indicator is stated and committed by METRO PROPERTIES and all persons and organizations which enter the present Website.

Compliance with Legal Regulations

The website and its business partners, may not act with intentions that do not comply with law and / or are not stated here. Your data is protected with high security precautions. This application is revised according to legal developments and brought to a state which complies with the form and extent stated in law.

Rights of Persons who Process Personal Data

Those persons whose personal data has been processed in a manner contrary to the aforementioned policy retain the right to request to have their personal data corrected, erased or destroyed within the framework of the conditions stipulated by the relevant regulations; to learn whether personal data regarding themselves has been processed, and if so, information relating to such act, as well as the purpose of such processing and whether or not the data was used in accordance with the objective in question, the identities of those to whom the data has been relayed both domestically and abroad, and to have the third parties to whom such data has been relayed, notified of such, so long as such correction/erasure/destruction of the data is impossible and does not require disproportional effort, to object to any results unfavorable to them on the condition that the processed data be analyzed exclusively by automatic systems and to have their losses indemnified should their data be processed in a manner contrary to regulations relevant to such data.

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