A company where the best of the business meet, and where these professionals passionately focused to do their job better than yesterday, building strong bonds with each other to take the business to a higher level...

Knowledge, experience, resource utilization skills, organizational skills, expertise ... All seems to be an alliance of common values among our divisions acting to improve each other continuously and to increase our momentum of progress.

  • Dr. Göksel Atikeler

    Operation and Asset Management Division Manager

  • Evrenos Şengönül

    Project Development Division Manager - Region Asia / Türkiye

  • Muammer Çene

    Leasing Management and Business Development Division Manager

  • Deniz Tolunay Özkızılırmak

    Legal Affairs Division Manager

  • Hande Aksan

    Finance, Accounting and Budget Reporting Division Manager

  • Ezgi Yaman

    Investment and Project Reporting Manager

  • Nesrin Özkan

    Corporate Communications and Marketing Management, Department Manager

  • Cemal Bolat

    Facility Management Department Manager

  • Deniz Abamor

    Shopping Centre Coordination and Design Management, Department Manager

  • Elvan Dumlu

    Human Resources, Compliance and Risk Management Department Manager

  • Mehmet İhsan Ataolur

    Information Technologies Department Manager