Inspiring and encouraging each employee not only in terms of business goals but also in the quality of personal life, METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye’s Board of Directors continue to steer the market with its innovative, fast decision making and visionary management approach.

Gündüz Bayer, joined to METRO in 1998, was appointed to Singapore Office as Regional Managing Director/Vice President in 2010, responsible for real estate related activities in China, India, Vietnam, Japan and Pakistan.

Upon the transfer of the Regional Office to China, he also served as METRO Wholesale Real Estate Director besides his Regional Managing Director position. After his relocation in Türkiye in 2015, Gündüz Bayer, in addition to his position of Managing Director Region Asia, continues to serve as Chairman of the Board responsible for India, Türkiye, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Scope of Work

  • Asset Management
  • Project Development
  • Business Finance
  • Leasing and Business Development
  • Human Resources and Compliance
  • Information Technologies
  • Shopping Centre Management


The formula for a successful shopping centre is created by the correct design of the "location + shopping mall concept + retailer" trio (YAP/DO IT). It is essential to update this design according to the times and changing trends. Every shopping centre has to identify such important changes accurately and renew its concept and shop-mix in line with the times and the needs, at a speed and quality, and maintain the momentum of transformation, which will eventually ensure sustainable success.

Serving as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Member of the Board in METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye since 2015, Osman Koçak, in addition to his posts, has undertaken the position of METRO PROPERTIES Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as of September 2020.

Osman Koçak has various experiences in different professions including Finance, Retail and Real Estate.

Starting his career in 1997 at METRO Wholesale Türkiye as Manager of Controlling Department, and after his position of International Controller responsible for 3 countries at METRO Wholesale Germany, Mr. Koçak was shortly promoted to MCC Türkiye Controlling Division Manager position.

Later, he worked as Store Manager of METRO Wholesale stores in Ankara and Istanbul to increase his operational knowledge. Next, he worked in charge of CFO at METRO Wholesale Moroccan operations in Casablanca. After returning to METRO Wholesale Türkiye as CFO in 2009, Mr. Koçak was appointed as CFO to METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye in 2012 and he was serving as METRO PROPERTIES Türkiye Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Member of the Board since 2015.

Scope of Work

  • Asset Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Construction
  • Facility and Design Management
  • Shopping Centre Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Accounting, Finance
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management


It is not contradictory for us being both customer focused and cost conscious at the same time.